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Health and Safety

It's Our Priority

Professional Excavators and Construction Inc.

At Professional Excavators and Construction Inc. creating and maintaining a safe work environment is the most fundamental and important aspect of our work. Our commitment to safety extends beyond our employees and project owners to members of the general public who travel through our projects.

Our Expertise

Professional Excavators & Construction Inc. received its Certificate of Recognition (COR) from Alberta Human Resources and Employment for its jobsite safety programs in 1994. As well, certification from the National Safety Council for the transportation side of our business was granted in May 2009. Regular safety audits conducted through the Alberta Motor Transport Association on the transportation business segment help us to further enhance our safety standards and work procedures.

Our Process

All employees of Professional Excavators are required to complete an annual Health & Safety Orientation.  In addition to annual orientation, Professional Excavators’ HSE department ensures that all employees are properly trained for the position that they are are hired for, this includes specialized training for Equipment Operators.  Every employee is required to complete WHMIS 2015 which is a course that has been tailored to the specific working environments of the company. Site supervisors are responsible for ensuring that safe work practices are followed at each jobsite – and every employee is expected to do their part. Site supervisors are required to take Supervisor Training In Accident Reduction Techniques and Leadership for Safety Excellence through the Alberta Construction Safety Association, and Petroleum Tank Management through the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta. Professional Excavators & Construction Inc.’s senior management and our full-time safety officer also ensure that our safe work practices are continually improved upon.

Our Commitment

Professional Excavators & Construction Inc.’s health and safety programs promote a safe environment for everyone at the jobsite. Our crews will follow our own safe workplace practices plus any additional safety policies required by our clients.

Our HSE Team

Building a Better Work Environment 

The Health and Safety team is dedicated to making work safe for all employees. Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of safety and health regulations. Their mission is to ensure that all employees, contractors, and visitors remain safe while on the job. They are responsible for creating and enforcing safety standards, conducting regular inspections, and ensuring that all workers are properly trained and equipped to do their jobs safely. The team is also available to provide guidance and support to workers in the event of any safety-related issue. By adhering to our safety guidelines, our construction site is a safe and secure environment for everyone.

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